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    Veterinary Storage Experts

    veterinary storage

    Veterinary clinics are ever evolving facilities. As medicine and technology changes rapidly, your storage needs to be adaptable as you grow.

    Space Logic understands the complexity of the veterinary clinic.

    Your specialised field of medicine requires durable and functional storage systems. One that can cope with the 24 hour 7 day demands of your patients great and small.

    Smart Storage Solutions

    Storage can be the bane of all veterinarians. Even when there seems to be plenty of storage space, it sometimes seems there is never enough.
    In order to form a more effective veterinary storage solution, it is important to understand how goods and materials move around a veterinary hospital.

    You will discover that virtually all of your storage needs relate to your workflow through out your daily activities.
    Consider the amount of things that get transferred through a veterinary hospital every day. Items such as nutritional needs, medications, paperwork, medical consumables, merchandise, supplements, equipment, rubbish and used items.

    The first step in organising all of these categories can be broken down into 5 key areas:

    1. Receiving – the stock and a bulk storage area
    2. Staging – decanted supplies with in the facility in central storage area.
    3. Usage – a convenient location right when you need it.
    4. Intermediate disposal – at the time of use.
    5. Final disposal – the facilities central waste bin

    As outlined this demands storage at each stage. The strategy to solving storage problems is to design effective solutions at each point of the process as stock moves in, occupies, and moves out of your hospital.

    Storage space does not earn you money, and wasted space compromises your revenue-generating capacity. A well organised storage solution will save you money and most importantly, you will save time and energy for yourself and your staff.

    At Space Logic we believe in maximising space, improving staff efficiency with approved infection control standards and best practise veterinary storage solutions. For more information on medical and pharmaceutical storage solutions for veterinary applications please contact us today.