Team works ’til midnight to deliver Covid-19 Emergency Response (PPE) Carts

APRIL 23, 2020: Recently our dedicated team worked until midnight, making certain they met demand and got our trolley products to the healthcare personnel who were needing them most.

Check out our Covid-19 Emergency Response team in action! And please remember we’re available to take enquiries 24/7 and can ship over the weekend. Stay safe everyone!

For an update, and our Spacelogic 24/7 contact details please see below.

Covid-19 Update

MAY 25, 2020: Spacelogic has been very busy supplying Emergency Response (PPE) Carts to healthcare facilities across the country as they repurpose existing wards in readiness for any outbreaks of Covid-19.

As part of the NSW Health state-wide strategy, all state facilities must ensure that staff have the personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect them while working. This strategy includes expediting equipment orders, moving stock into NSW to meet future needs and supporting local PPE stock management.

Spacelogic, Australia’s leading specialist in tailored healthcare stock storage solutions, has prioritised projects related to the pandemic and we have been working around the clock to make sure these orders are fulfilled within the shortest timeframe possible.

Photo below taken at Prince of Wales Hospital – Randwick Sydney.

Emergency Response 24 hours 7 days contacts:

Spacelogic - Matthew Scott

Matthew Scott
0438 490 366

Spacelogic - Martin Scott

Martin Scott
0438 490 455

Spacelogic - Lloyd Scott

Lloyd Scott
0438 490 559

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