STERIRACK™ Clinical Trolleys for gold standard clinical storage and the ultimate in patient care

Every day in heathcare, professionals are striving to provide effective, safe services for their patients, and introduce innovations to optimise patient outcomes in clinical and sterile environments..

That’s why healthcare professionals choose STERIRACK Clinical Trolleys for their hospitals and healthcare centres.

Every inch of these clinical trolleys are designed for quality, safety, performance and optimal infection control.

Available in a multitude of sizes and configurations with your choice of coloured label holders and post strips, STERIRACK™ Clinical Trolleys can be adjusted and re-configured by you at any time.

STERIRACK™ Clinical Trolleys are the Worlds’ No. 1 Clinical Trolley because when it comes to patient outcomes only the very best will do.

Call Spacelogic – the healthcare storage experts today – on 1800 633 728, or check out the ‘Our Products’ section of this website.

Sterirack Medical Trolley 600x400x840 single

STERIRACK™ Clinical Trolley – Single

Sterirack Medical Trolley 400x600x600 double

STERIRACK™ Clinical Trolley – Double

Spacelogic Sterirack

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