STERIRACK™ Workstations are the ultimate healthcare storage solution for CSSD

Healthcare storage solutions that work for you

For those who may not know, STERIRACK™ is Spacelogic’s flagship product and is the gold standard clinical storage solution for the healthcare sector. Made using premium quality materials, and designed with the needs of healthcare staff front of mind, STERIRACK™ is the no. 1 choice for hospitals and medical centres across Australia.

The STERIRACK™ System allows you to fully customise your layout to suit your particular needs, whatever your facility. Available in a vast array of sizes and configurations, with normal and/or fine mesh baskets, fixed and/or adjustable shelves and sporting bay labels and/or aisle plates, it’s up to you.

Further customisation can be achieved by including drop-in bins and dividers, making everything adjustable on-the-fly in high demand and ever-changing healthcare environments.

Now Spacelogic has taken STERIRACK, and expanded its range of applications, by creating innovative workstation configurations.

These workstations replace space-limiting, hard-to-clean, outdated fixed timber joinery with something amazing—a tailored, adjustable system that meets Global Best Practice, is compliant with Australian Standards AND provides optimal infection control benefits.

So what do we mean by tailored AND adjustable?

Well firstly, Spacelogic will custom design and install a system that best suits your current space and the applications for which it will be used, working with your architect or healthcare designer to tailor the perfect solution.

Secondly, should your needs change next week, next year, or in five years time, STERIRACK™ simply changes with you. It’s fully adjustable—baskets and shelves can be reconfigured at any time, rails can be raised and lowered, smaller or larger baskets can be swapped out, shelves can be moved up or down, drop in bins and dividers can be added. Colour coding and labeling systems can be changed on the fly. Bay labels can be swapped or changed. It’s a totally future-proof system for maximum efficiency.

IAnd importantly, our range of STERIRACK Trolleys seamless integrate with these workstations, using the same colour coded label holders and post strips, as well as interchangeable baskets and shelves.

Corian or stainless steel benchtops

The benchtops on these workstations can be installed in your choice of practical and hygienic Corian or stainless steel. Corian, as you may already know, is a fantastic material for healthcare, providing a nonporous, highly durable and seamless surface, just perfect for infection control.

With proper yet easy cleaning, Corian’s nonporous solid composition provides a hygienic surface that does not support the growth of mold or mildew. It can be renewed or repaired easily if, on the rare occasion, it does get marked. You can choose from a range of Corian colours, and have your prep space clear or include a wash basin should you wish.

STERIRACK™ System - the gold standard healthcare storage solution

More time for face-to-face patient care

Healthcare loves our systems because we improve the quality of nurses’ daily lives on the ward, by increasing efficiencies, and giving them more time to devote to face-to-face patient care.

Spacelogic has clinical storage design experts on hand to speak with you about the needs of your facility. Call today and talk to us – we’d love to elevate your working life to the next level with our innovative clinical storage solutions – designed right here at Spacelogic, an Australian, family-owned company that’s passionate about the role it plays in healthcare.

STERIRACK™ System - the gold standard healthcare storage solution

For gold standard clinical storage solutions contact Spacelogic® – the experts in tailored space management for Healthcare.

Providing hospital storage solutions, medical basket systems, pharmacy storage solutions, sterile storage solutions (CSSD, Clean Utility etc) to the Healthcare sector across Australia and New Zealand.

All Spacelogic healthcare storage systems fully comply with AS4187 and are perfectly suited to hospitals, medical centres, aged care and veterinary.

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