STERIRACK™ Medical Benching – the ultimate alternative to dusty joinery in medical storage areas

The Healthcare sector is committed to better standards, best practice and the ultimate in infection control. That’s why closed-in, dust-gathering joinery is fast becoming an outdated support system for racking, baskets and shelving. To provide our clients with the ultimate solution, Spacelogic has designed STERIRACK™ in a new modular Workbench configuration, providing the perfect solution for practices striving for the highest standard.

These innovative, adjustable workbenches can be configured in any length, to suit any application, and fully integrate with STERIRACK™ wall-to-wall storage systems and STERIRACK™ medical trolleys. Seamless Corian or stainless steel benchtops provide the perfect easy-clean surface, and provide no safe harbour for pathogens.

Watch the video above to view Lloyd Scott, Spacelogic Managing Director, as he talks about the advantages of STERIRACK™ Workbenches for you nurses, your storeroom staff and your hospitals’ bottom line.

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