STERIRACK™ installation at Pet Medical Centre in Dubbo – tailored veterinary storage solutions

Recently Spacelogic installed STERIRACK™ at the Pet Medical Centre in Dubbo. The installation has been a resounding success for the veterinary practice, who say they have benefited from increased efficiency, convenience and the ability to find consumables fast during surgery.

“Before we used to have all our consumables stored in another room so we had to leave every time we needed to get something additional for surgery. Now having it all in the room is a lot more convenient. Dust doesn’t sit within the shelves, and they’re a lot easier to vacuum and mop underneath. You can see what you’ve got for restocking. It’s a LOT better,” said Haley, a Veterinarian at the practice.

Post strips and label holders are available in a range of colours, letting facilities colour code for efficiency, or simply to fit in with the rooms’ decor.

“There are plans to use STERIRACK™ in our dispensary, to replace the old style compactors that are there. We’ve also added STERIRACK™ to our wet prep room,” she said.

The process for a STERIRACK™ installation is very easy. In this case, we spoke with the Pet Medical Centre on the phone and they sent us a few dimensions. Our designer then drew up some different designs and we collaborated with the facility to make sure we had just the right solution. Once we settled on the final design we put the product together and sent it out to them semi assembled. The owner put it together on site using a few simple instructions, and the next day they were using it. It’s as simple as that.”

If you’re a Veterinarian looking to update your practice to achieve the best in workplace best practice and infection control standards, please give Spacelogic a call today on 1800 633 728 and we’ll support you in getting exactly the result you’re looking for.

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