STERIRACK Click ‘n’ Clip Label Holders for medical storage rooms

  • Do you want to know a simple and efficient way to get in and out of your hospital storage rooms faster?
  • A way you can find what you’re looking for in seconds and be back to your patient’s bedside?
  • Do you want to spend more time devoted to face-to-face patient care?

Welcome to Spacelogic. Here at our head office in Orange NSW our team of in-house experts are always on the ball, designing new products using feedback from our healthcare clients and colleagues. People just like you.

This collaboration with staff on the wards is important to us… it’s a fundamental part of our organisational philosophy. We believe in supporting Healthcare professionals like you to succeed in your vocation. And you feel successful when you can achieve better patient outcomes and spend more time devoted to face-to-face patient care.

We know we’ve added real value when we design and install a new product that helps nurses to achieve this goal better than any other product on the market.

Take our STERIRACK Click ‘n’ Clip label holders for example.

Ordinarily, label holders might seem like the simplest of things – but not anymore. Because you told us that a label holder for CLINICAL STORAGE needs to be much more than just ordinary.

So Spacelogic redesigned them. From scratch.

New STERIRACK Click ‘n’ Clip label holders represent real value for healthcare staff – staff who need to find, retrieve and manage stock within a clinical setting.

Choose from 13 vibrant colours, and click these label holders together in any configuration, then clip them to STERIRACK™ baskets and shelving.

Watch the video above to see how colour is used to create an effective stock management system at the new Blacktown Hospital facility in Sydney.

With Click ‘n’ Clip label holders you can now implement world class, best practice search and retrieval protocols to drastically increase day to day efficiencies, and drastically decrease the amount of time you spend hunting for stock inside your clinical storerooms.

Watch the video below to see how the new Blacktown Hospital has achieved a massive 51% consumables saving using STERIRACK™ and coloured Click ‘n’ Clip Label Holders.

Spacelogic – providing Healthcare with the innovations you ask for.

Spacelogic Sterirack

For gold standard clinical storage solutions contact Spacelogic® – the experts in tailored space management for Healthcare.

Providing hospital storage solutions, medical basket systems, pharmacy storage solutions, sterile storage solutions (CSSD, Clean Utility etc) to the Healthcare sector across Australia and New Zealand.

All Spacelogic healthcare storage systems fully comply with AS4187 and are perfectly suited to hospitals, medical centres, aged care and veterinary.

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