Our consultants, products and services are available to a wide variety of professionals within healthcare as well as its related services. Our STERIRACK™ System is also ideally suited to meet the needs of a wide variety of personnel who require a tailored solution on installation, or require a versatile system that can be adjusted on the fly. Below are links to a range of organisations within the healthcare sector who are currently enjoying the benefits of our systems and services. Spacelogic has worked with a multitude of healthcare service providers across Australia so please don’t hesitate to get in touch should you need information from a particular project.


Our studies show that many facilities are not complying with Australian best practice in their healthcare storage areas. We believe, through the optimal use of space and innovative systems, Spacelogic® can maximise healthcare efficiency, elevating patient experience and improve infection control. Transform your  non-compliant and non-performing storerooms into state of the art, organised, effective and safe working environments.


Medical Centres Australia-wide can benefit from the superior efficiencies created by our clinical storage solutions, and enjoy best practice and infection control compliance. Free-standing modules with adjustable configurations can be tailor-made to suit your spaces and delivered to your door, or whole-room installations can be designed and installed by our expert tradespeople. Take advantage of our years of experience in storage and healthcare to maximise efficiency within your medical centre.


Spacelogic understands the complexity of the Aged Care environment, whether it be within a low or high care facility. Intelligently designed storage solutions for medical consumables and medications provides efficiencies and organisation so that more time can be spent with patients. Spacelogic’s range of products for Aged Care clinical storage provides cleanliness, flexibility and ensures proper sanitary conditions, delivering better quality of life for both patient and carer.


Wasted clinical storage space compromises revenue-generating capacity and vets know this. A well organised storage solution will save money and most importantly, save time and energy which can then be re-directed to customer and patient care. At Spacelogic we believe in maximising space, increasing staff efficiency, improving infection control standards and implementing best practise veterinary medical storage solutions.


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