Slash time spent hunting through hospital storage rooms with colour coded label holders

Nurses can now act faster in an emergency, and spend more time devoted to face-to-face patient care.

Use STERIRACK™ Click ‘n’ Clip Label Holders in conjunction with our STERIRACK™ fully integrated healthcare storage solution to slash the time your nurses and healthcare staff spend hunting through hospital storage rooms.

Do you worry about locating the right clinical stock, when the pressure’s on and you can’t afford to make a mistake? Do you need to locate items quickly and effortlessly?

You can with our brand new STERIRACK Click ‘n’ Clip label holders for hospitals, medical centres, aged care and veterinary storage.

These revolutionary label holders click together in any configuration you need – vertically AND horizontally. Leave nothing to chance – introduce detailed stock labelling systems in your hospital storage rooms.

Click ‘n’ Clip label holders come in 13 great colours. Now you can use colour to influence memory and find stock fast. Reduce risk. Increase efficiencies. And get better patient outcomes.

Order now by calling a friendly Spacelogic hospital storage consultant on 1800 633 728, or check out the ‘Our Products’ section of this website today.

Watch the videos below to see how the brand new Blacktown Hospital is using these label holders to transform their hospital storage room efficiencies.

51% consumable savings at Blacktown Hospital using STERIRACK™ System and our STERIRACK™ Click ‘n’ Clip label holders.

60 minutes a day spent hunting through storerooms reduced to 10 minutes using our STERIRACK™ System and patented coloured label holders!

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