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    Pallet Racking – End Frames & Beams

    Pallet Racking – End Frames & Beams

    A forefront shelving system, suited to the hospitality, health and marine industries. Constructed from a steel tubular core and a tough polypropylene outer casing making it extremely durable, and with drop on vented shelves, that can be easily removed, cleanliness is the key.

    • Direct access to every pallet fast packing and retrieval
    • Economical racking system
    • Fully adjustable shelf levels for varied pallets
    • Simple stock control and rotations achieved
    • Wide range of standard size available
    • Fully engineered and certified to international standards

    Direct Pallet Access: 100%
    Fork Lift Type: Single Reach
    Average Locations Utilised: 95%
    Stock Rotation: Good

    Image Order Code Description Dimensions (mm) Qty
    17100 2438mm x 838mm
    17102 3048mm x 838mm
    17103 3658mm x 838mm
    17104 4267mm x 838mm
    17105 4878mm x 838mm
    17107 6096mm x 838mm
    17000 1372mmL x 80mm
    17001 1372mmL x 100mm
    17002 1372mmL x 120mm
    17004 2600mmL x 80mm
    17005 2600mmL x 100mm
    17006 2600mmL x 120mm
    17008 2750mmL x 100mm
    17009 2750mmL x 120mm
    17009Y 2750mmL x 120mm
    17011 3900mmL x 150mm