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    Mobile Storage Units

    Mobile Storage Units

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    Mobile Storage Units are a brilliant space saving storage solution. 35 years of experience in designing, manufacturing & installing Mobile Storage Units. Therefore, we can guarantee you a maximum efficiency high density storage solution.

    The advantage of installing a Mobile Storage system, in preference to static shelving, cupboards or filing cabinets, is that it will maximise your space utilisation by up to 50%. Compact storage saves on costly floor space by centralising storage into one location.
    Mechanically Assisted is used with free track, fixed track & self-based units.
    Consoles that are located at the end of each shelving run, move the mobile system by means of a chain driven mechanism. The drive system requires very little force for these mobile units to move along floor mounted or built in tracks.

    The crank driven track system does not allow for slippage, enabling a more effective, ergonomic workplace environment. For floor mounted tracks, a false floor with a ramp is fitted. Operated via a handle or wheel, mechanically assisted units are designed for ease of movement in medium and heavy duty storage applications. This mobile system can utilise Ultra (Rolled Edge) & Longspan shelving.

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