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    Medi-Basket Racks

    Medi-Basket Racks

    Medi-space racks are an alternative to cabinets, the racks are fully modular designed around the 600mm x 400mm ISO (International organisation for standardization) basket and tray modules.

    The racks are easily converted to individual mobile units or complete overhead rail mobile storage units for tailored space efficiency.

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    • Maximise cubic storage space
    • Increase air circulation in sterile environments
    • Controlled stock rotation and logistics
    • Autoclavable Baskets for cleanliness
    • 100% product accessibility
    • Adequate labelling provision for accurate positioning

    Basket Finish: ABS, Acrylic, Wire
    Basket Dimensions: 400 x 600 x 100/180mmH
    Standard Colours: Glossy Chrome
    Finish: Chrome

    Nonstandard finishes available, Stainless steel, powder-coated, zinc plated, chrome with clear lacquer finish.

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