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    Automated Pharmacy

    Automated Pharmacy

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    Pharmacy Automation is a clever combination of hardware and software that allows the total identification and traceability of pharmaceutical products at any stage of the process flow.
    Here are some of the advantages and savings that can be achieved in a hospital central pharmacy and in the wards.

    The complete and innovative solution for the management of drugs in hospitals: Simple, modular and reliable. The latest software for clinical and logistical drug processes, with a sophisticated and automated drug storage and picking systems, along with automated drug cabinets for medicine management on the wards, complemented with a digitalized trolley for medicine distribution to the patient.

    Ensure complete traceability – reduce clinical risk – optimize resources – save costs – improve quality, patient safety, real time information updating.

    Spacelogic, Italian designed, German made automated pharmacy system for the entire world, is the fastest system on the market travelling at more than 5 metre/second, the robot and axis can be replaced in 15 minutes and is self-calibrating, it handles all types of pharmaceutical products and shapes, multi picking and packing, wireless technology meaning no cables.

    Clinical and logistics management of drugs…the future is here.

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    • Clinical risk management: reduction in medication errors in hospitals approx. 65% and substantial improvement of patient safety, reducing liability risk for hospitals.
    • Cost savings: positive impact on pharmaceutical expenditure. Potential savings per hospital bed and in a period of one year.
    • Exact allocations of costs.
    • Optimization of the logistics, human and economic resources.
    • Optimization by monitoring.
    • Adaption to the Internal Standards accreditation of healthcare facilities.
    • Improvement of the perceived Quality by user and the community.
    • Lower investment costs compared to other drug distribution systems.


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