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    Space Logic Offers Innovative Pharmacy Shelving Systems and Solutions for Organisational Needs

    The importance of proper organisation in a pharmacy setting can’t be stressed enough. In a pharmacy, your entire stock of medications and prescriptions must demonstrate meticulous organisation for both stock control and hygiene control.pharmacy shelvingWithout an emphasis on pharmacy shelving, storage, organisation, and efficiency, your pharmacy’s stock and customers could suffer. At a pharmacy, the focus must be on proper medication storage.Your prescriptions need to be stored in high-quality, climate-controlled environment to ensure that they remain safe to dispense to your customers.

    Best ways to organise your pharmacy

    One of the best ways you can properly organise your pharmacy stock is through innovative storage solutions such as shelves and workstations for your pharmacists.

    At Space Logic, we create meticulously-designed pharmacy shelving systems customised for your pharmacy with the purposes of improving logistics and stock control. Through our engineered storage solutions, you and your pharmacists will store and dispense your pharmaceuticals and medications to your customers more efficiently.

    Whether you own an independent pharmacy, run a veterinary practice or an aged care facility, our pharmacy shelving can help you better your medication storage and dispensation.

    Features and Benefits of Our Pharmacy Shelving Solutions

    With our innovative pharmaceutical systems, you’ll get entirely customised shelving units and workstations for your pharmacy. Our ergonomic shelving systems are explicitly created for pharmacy stock, resulting in the perfect solutions for storage and retrieval of medical products. We offer multiple sizes, allowing for smart solutions no matter how much space your pharmacy’s back room has.

    We also offer a high-quality range of pharmaceutical storage cabinets which include options for open fronts, glass or solid timber doors, or even roller shutters. All these have three-point locking systems to ensure that no one enters your cabinets without the proper access.

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    What we believe

    We believe that, through our pharmacy shelving and cabinets, you’ll feel better about your pharmacy’s efficiency, organisation, and sanitation. Your high-value medications and medical supplies will remain safe and secure, while your daily productivity will increase.

    If your current storage solutions cause you and your staff to be disorganised, it’s time to update to new systems. If you’re not sure exactly what you need, we offer space management consultancy as well.

    Onsite, we can provide detailed plans and scaled layouts to help you optimise your pharmacy’s storage and efficiency.

    About Space Logic

    With over 35 years in the space management business, Space Logic has distributed products and installed storage solutions throughout all of Australia. Our team of professionals has years of experience in tailored space management and custom-designed storage systems. We work to provide businesses with systems that will improve efficiency, ensure increased safety, and offer sanitary storage for medical supplies and consumables.

    Pharmacies, veterinary clinics use our range of quality healthcare storage products, and hospitals throughout the country and our customers have been thoroughly satisfied with their high-quality design and organisational capabilities.

    For more information on our entire range of pharmacy shelving, or to discuss an on-site space management consultation, call us on 1800 633 728 or fill out our contact form below.