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Joinery-free medications storage for Yass Hospital

Watch to see how Yass Hospital replaced a traditional, out-dated joinery storage solution with the latest innovative joinery-free STERIRACK™ solution from Spacelogic.

STERIRACK™ Mobile Workstations for hospital anaesthetic bays

Join Spacelogic’s Martin Scott, as he demonstrates a batch of STERIRACK™ Mobile Workstations that we’ve just finished custom making for Bankstown Hospital to work in their anaesthetic bays.

Discover STERIRACK™ Trolley features and accessories

Join Project Manager Matthew Scott as he demonstrates several STERIRACK™ Trolleys in our range, and shows you some of the features and accessories available.

145 STERIRACK™ Trolleys roll out the door on their way to Sydney healthcare

Join Lloyd Scott in our new manufacturing hub as he shows you our latest trolley order that’s heading off to a major hospital redevelopment in Sydney.

New Australian manufacturing hub for Spacelogic

Right now is just the right time to bring manufacturing back to Australia, and Spacelogic is supporting our countries’ effort in this regard by setting up a brand new manufacturing facility.

Custom ICU Beside Trolleys heading out the door for Victoria healthcare

The Spacelogic team has been flat out again making up a whole bunch of custom trolleys for a big client in Victoria. Check out the video to see these great ICU Bedside Trolleys made specifically to meet the clients’ requirements.

Getting orders out in record time during Covid-19 Emergency Response

Australians can be proud of the incredible effort we’re putting into fighting coronavirus as a nation. At Spacelogic we’re concentrating our efforts on providing equipment to hospitals and healthcare centres as efficiently and quickly as possible during this time.

STERIRACK™ Trolleys - Covid-19 Emergency Response

Our dedicated team worked ’til midnight, making certain they met demand and got our trolley products to the healthcare personnel needing them most right now. Check out our Covid-19 Emergency Response team in action!

STERIRACK™ baskets, shelving, drop-in bins and dividers

Join Melissa Gillespie as she demonstrates the various basket options available for STERIRACK™, as well as shelving, drop-in bins and dividers.

STERIRACK™ Click 'n' Clip Label Holders

Join Adam Piech as he demonstrates our innovative Click ‘n’ Clip label holders, just perfect for colour categorisation and huge improvements in efficiencies in your consumables storerooms.

STERIRACK™ Aisle Sign Plates, Coloured Label Holders and Post Strips

Find consumables easily and fast using our range of STERIRACK™ Accessories. Create a comprehensive labelling system then enjoy saving time hunting through storerooms and saving money on consumables.

STERIRACK™ installation at Dubbo Veterinarian - Pet Medical Centre

Recently Spacelogic installed STERIRACK™ at the Pet Medical Centre in Dubbo. The installation has been a resounding success for the veterinary practice, who say they have benefited from increased efficiency, convenience and the ability to find consumables fast during surgery.

Testimonials - Why our clients choose us

Watch some testimonials from clients to see how they enjoyed working with us and why they choose us to supply their clinical storage solutions.

Joinery-free medications storage for Yass Hospital

Watch to see how Yass Hospital replaced a traditional, out-dated joinery storage solution with the latest innovative joinery-free STERIRACK™ solution from Spacelogic.

STERIRACK™ Workbenches - the alternative to dusty joinery

Introducing the STERIRACK™ Benching System, a bespoke clinical storage solution that adapts to suit your application. Now you can replace old, dusty or mouldy joinery benches with a crisp, clean clinical benching system that complies with Australian standards for best practice and infection control!

Pharmacy Shelving now available for STERIRACK™

Just when you thought our STERIRACK™ System couldn’t get any better it has! Now available with Pharmacy Shelving, for medications and pharmacy fit-outs, or as freestanding modules. Ideal for pharmacies, hospitals, medical centres, aged care and veterinary.

Blacktown Hospital REDUCES stock valuation by 51%

Graeme from Blacktown Hospital chats with Spacelogic about the incredible savings achieved at the new redevelopment since the installation of our flagship product, the STERIRACK™ System. Watch to find out they achieved a 51% REDUCTION in stock valuation.

60min hunting through storerooms REDUCED to just 10min per day!

Nurses at Blacktown Hospital were spending up to 1 hour a day hunting through storerooms for stock. After a STERIRACK™ System installation by Spacelogic these times have been reduced to 10 minutes! Amazing! Watch and see how simple it was to achieve!

Superior hospital storage management with STERIRACK™ at Blacktown Hospital

The amazing benefits of STERIRACK™ are being enjoyed by staff and management at the new Blacktown Hospital redevelopment. Join Graham from Blacktown, and Lloyd Scott from Spacelogic as they discuss.

A celebration of Blacktown Hospital STERIRACK™ System

A celebration of the new Blacktown Hospital redevelopment and our proud contribution to the project. Thank you to management and staff for the opportunity to be a part of this achievement.

Achieve a 33% increase in clinical storage capacity

Use a combination of flat and step shelves to increase sterile pack storage and comply with best practice and infection control standards.

Slash time spent hunting through hospital storerooms

Do you worry about locating the right clinical stock, when the pressure’s on and you can’t afford to make a mistake? Do you need to locate items quickly and effortlessly?

Superior patient care with gold standard STERIRACK™ Medical Trolleys

Every inch of these trolleys are designed for quality, safety, performance and optimal infection control. Available in a multitude of sizes and configurations with your choice of coloured label holders and post strips. The World’s No.1 Clinical Trolley.

Use colour to influence memory with STERIRACK™ Click 'n' Clip Label Holders

Blacktown Hospital Sydney is getting incredible results using the Sterirack™ healthcare storage system and its colour coded labelling system. Join us to find out how.

Spacelogic is adding value in hospitals with gold standard clinical storage solutions

Join Spacelogic Managing Director Lloyd Scott for a casual discussion about ‘adding value’, and just how effective the Sterirack™ healthcare storage system is in doing just that.

STERIRACK™ Orthopaedic Equipment Storage - the innovative shelving solution

In our never-ending quest to provide you with the latest, gold standard healthcare clinical storage solutions, Spacelogic® has developed the STERIRACK™ Orthopaedic Equipment Storage System – just perfect for crutches, frames, CAMBoots and all those awkward items that typically create a frustrating mess in your storage rooms.

STERIRACK™ Workstations - the superior medical shelving solution

There’s a new trend in healthcare storage and it’s all about replacing expensive, fixed, space-limiting, hard-to-clean, outdated timber joinery with a streamline, flexible, adjustable and manoeuvrable medical basket and shelving system that meets global best practice, is compliant with Australian Standards and provides optimal infection control.

STERIRACK™ Trolleys - the gold standard clinical trolley for healthcare

Accessible, smooth gliding and so easily manoeuvrable, our Spacelogic® STERIRACK™ Trolleys embody so much more than a simple medical storage cabinet on wheels.

Timber joinery is a thing of the past with STERIRACK™ System

There’s a trend in healthcare to replace tired, old timber joinery in existing and new facilities and for very valid reasons. Watch to find out why.

Blacktown Hospital Project update

Spacelogic are privileged to be included on the Blacktown Hospital Redevelopment – Stages 1 & 2. Working along with AW Edwards, Jacobs Architect and healthcare user groups.

Medication room transformation

New paint, new flooring and a new clinical storage solution. A great way to lift morale. Improve infection control, staff efficiency and create superior stock management systems in your clinical storage rooms

STERIRACK™ veterinary storage solutions

Veterinary clinics are ever-evolving facilities. As medicine ranges expand and technology becomes more available, your storage solutions need to adapt and grow.

Watch our installation team go!

Watch the Spacelogic installation team install STERIRACK™ System and see just how quickly you can transform your storerooms! Thank you boys, we’d be lost without you!

STERIRACK™ theatre store room transformation

Watch this amazing healthcare storeroom upgrade, completed in record time with minimal disruption to daily operations. Watch the room transform into a global best practice system in a matter of hours!

Importance of proper CSSD storage

Compliant best practice storage solutions provide healthcare staff with more quality time to spend with patients. Best practice includes the Guidelines for Storage and Handling including freestanding racks, sufficient walkways, burr-free systems, adjustability for airflow, as well as dust-free, open shelving and baskets.

STERIRACK™ basket stress test - watch and be amazed!

No, we’re not going to the moon! We wanted to stress test our STERIRACK™ baskets to see when they met their destruction. They exceeded all expectations!

Plastic vs wire - the medical basket infection test

Wow! What a result! Plastic vs wire – who will win the infection prevention contest?

7 Key healthcare storage questions

When upgrading your next healthcare storage facility, here are seven key questions to ask yourself. Implement a global best practice storage solution, because you, your staff and your patients deserve it.

St Vincent's Private Hospital STERIRACK™ installation

Spacelogic worked closely with David, the project manager, to seamlessly install a complete storage fit-out for St Vincent’s Private Hospital in Darlinghurst. Listen to what David has to say about working with Spacelogic.

Prince of Wales Hospital STERIRACK™ installation

Watch the Spacelogic upgrade at Prince of Wales Hospital Emergency Department. See the before and after – a transformation to achieve improved infection control, excellent use of space and a boost to staff morale!


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