STERIRACK™ Pharmacy Shelving

Sterirack™ Pharmacy Shelving is the premium storage solution for pharmacies and medications storerooms

Sterirack pharmacy shelving
Sterirack pharmacy

Spacelogic is proud to announce that pharmacy shelving is now available for our Sterirack™ System, creating an all-in-one fully integrated medications storage solution for Pharmacies and Healthcare.

Roll-out pharmacy drawers now seamlessly integrate with baskets and shelving to create versatile, modular solutions for a multiplicity of applications.

Imagine Sterirack™ Workstations created with Staron benching, shelves, baskets and pharmacy drawers for decanting medications, or full pharmacy fitouts achieved with a combination of quick-access dispensary areas and wire shelves and baskets for bulk storage.

  • Store fluids in designated areas, inside heavy duty baskets on fully-extendable drawer-runners.
  • Create an efficient stock management system using Sterirack™ colour coded labelling and post strips in 13 vibrant colours.
  • Enjoy the quick picking capabilities of Sterirack™ by utilising bay labelling and aisle sign plates.

Maximise the available space in your pharmacy or medications storeroom by using the Sterirack™ System and Sterirack™ Pharmacy Shelving in combination. See below for example configurations, or design your own configuration to suit. The combinations are endless!

VIDEO - Sterirack™ Pharmacy Shelving

STERIRACK™ System pharmacy shelving:

  • Suits a wide variety of pharmacy storage applications
  • Self retracting roll out drawers for medications storage
  • Flat or angled shelves for easy access
  • Dividers can be placed to suit packaging of any width

STERIRACK™ System pharmacy storage:

  • Custom sizes and configurations to suit your application
  • Meets standards for best practice and infection control
  • Wide range of basket sizes, shelves and accessories
  • Available with colour coded label holders and post strips

Pharmacy Shelving 400W x 400D

Pharmacy Shelving 400W x 600D

Pharmacy Shelving 600W x 400D, 600W x 600D

Contact our friendly customer support staff beneath for more information, or use the link below to download a 2-page flyer.

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Click 'n' Clip label holders and post strips for pharmacy shelves

Click 'n' Clip label holders available in a range of 13 vibrant colours

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