Steel Shelving

Ultra Steel Shelving has common side and back panels, allowing for simple parallel extensions and back to back runs to be assembled. The Ultra Steel Shelving system has a wide range of applications in commercial, industrial and medical areas. It can be converted to a mobile system with manual or mechanically assisted operation. Can also be adapted to single and two tier mezzanine installations.

Small parts storage
Small parts storage
Binning system
Binning system
Starter and add-on bay
Starter and add-on bay


  • Versatile storage system
  • Rolled edge for smooth finish
  • Adjustable shelves for flexibility
  • Range of sizes available for varied applications
  • Easy to assemble meaning fast installation
  • Adaptable to other systems providing complete concept


  • Height: 1875, 2175, 2375mm
  • Widths: 900, 1050, 1200mm
  • Depths: 300, 400, 600mm
  • Shelf capacity: 100kg standard, 250kg*
  • Shelf height: 30mm
  • Pitch adjustment: 25mm
  • Finish: Powder Coated

Notes: Other nonstandard sizes available. Accessories include dividers, bin fronts and filing racks and can be purchased separately.*With extra supports

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