STERIRACK™ Workstations​

Introducing versatile workspaces that specialise in infection control

No more dark, dusty corners. No more inflexible, fixed cabinetry. No more lost and hidden stock. No more mouldy cracks and crevices around basins and benchtops.
Think of rows of modern, clean, shiny steel baskets and shelves that slide smoothly in and out. Designed with no sharp edges, eradicating the risk of tears to skin or sterile stock. With mesh baskets and open racking that you only need to glance at to see exactly what you’re looking for.

Imagine smooth-to-the-touch Staron benchtops that are super easy to clean and disinfect. Made of a hard, non-porous material that no moulds can latch onto. Visualise elegant surfaces that can incorporate seamless water basins. There’s no place for pathogenic microorganisms to hide.

Tailored to suit you space and application, STERIRACK™ Workstations are the answer.
And they’re made using premium materials. Because you want to know you’re getting great value for money, and a fabulous return on your investment.

Shown below are 4 popular concept STERIRACK™ Workstations (available with a laminate, stainless steel or Staron benchtop) which can be customised to suit your room specifications and your individual needs. Available in a wide variety of widths, depths and configurations to suit your facility.

Alternatively, check out the steps below on how you can build your own. The configurations are endless!

Sterirack™ Workstations – Concept 1​

A compact workstation with adequate storage and work area. Ideally suited to a deboxing room or a small storeroom to maximise the storage space and incorporate a multipurpose work top. Turn a blank wall space or an underutilised area into a well-organised centre for any facility.

Get rid of old, worn out joinery units, where stock is hidden away in a disorganised fashion behind closed doors and unaccounted for and out of date. Replace these old units with a best practice, superior alternative.

Sterirack™ Workstations – Concept 2

A multipurpose workstation that will create the heartbeat for any facility whether it be in a clean utility in a large hospital or a smaller veterinary hospital or private medical center. This multifaceted concept takes all aspects into consideration. Decanted smaller items for quick access stored on the wall, large clear clean work area, plenty of baskets for consumables storage, a trolley for restocking and distribution, also incorporating medication storage on sloping pharmacy shelving, ideal for a one stop set up and storage work area.

Sterirack™ Workstations – Concept 3

A medication clean utility dream, medication stored and labeled in its each individual lane for the ease of picking, packing and stock rotation on purpose built sloping pharmacy slide-out drawer units. Also with Medibin wall storage for syringes and smaller decanted items, an area for a wall mounted S8 drug safe, under bench baskets for bulk storage and consumables, and provision for a drug fridge. Turning the area into a vibrant, efficient hassle free medication hub.

Sterirack™ Workstations – Concept 4

A large storage and work area, providing seamless flow for multiple users simultaneously. Comprising 60 baskets of varied sizes, these can be further customized with dividers and drop-in bins to create a regimented, well-ordered storage centre, where stock accounted for, visible and 100% accessible. Pick and pack with ease and reduce WHS risk with a large work area where items can be laid out and attended to.

Sterirack™ Workstations - Build your own

Step 1. Select your bench configuration

Step 2. Select your bench surface and coving options

Now with your choice of surface, to suit your purpose

First, you need to select your bench surface to suit your application and what your work area is going to be used for.

Utilise standard laminate in dry work and storage areas, or the premium option of a Staron surface with antimicrobial properties highly recommended in most healthcare situations, or you can select an advanced option with a purpose-built stainless steel work area.

Second, choose a straight or coved edge for your benchtop. Discuss coving options with our Spacelogic consultants to ensure you make the correct choice to suit your workstation design.

Step 3. Select your full height bay configuration

From a blend of user input and years of experience in the field, the following is 6 full height configurations that are also flexible and adjustable within themselves once installed. Think about the product stored and the flow of your new work area and make your choice accordingly, or come up with your own configuration.

Step 4. Select your overhead configuration

For ease of access overhead configurations are installed on sloping runners. Again make your selection based on your requirements in either standard and fine mesh, bearing in mind whatever footprint you chose for your under bench selection you will need to choose the same width for you overhead module – eg. if you choose a 600mmW x 600mmD bench module you will need to choose a 600mmW overhead module. Likewise, if you choose a 400mmW x 600mmD module for your bench option, you will need to select a 400mmW option for your overhead module. Feel free to discuss these options with our consultants.

Step 5. Select your colour

Staron - The advanced solid surface benchtop solution for healthcare

 Contact our friendly Customer Support Staff beneath for more information, or use the link below to download a 2-page flyer.

Click the link below to view a brochure of the entire Spacelogic product range right here in your browser window.


Questions to ask yourself

Does your current system:

  • Meet infection control standards?
  • Meet clinical standards of best practice?
  • Comply with WHS regulations?

Does your storage system:

  • Have no sharp or rough edges?
  • Stay dust free for infection control?
  • Provide adequate ventilation?
  • Allow items to be accessible, locatable and identifiable?

And does it:

  • Promote safe work methods?
  • Increase workplace efficiencies?
  • Maximise the use of available space?
  • Adjust to meet your changing needs?
If you said ‘No’ to any of the questions above, then the Spacelogic® STERIRACK™ System is the perfect solution for you. Our friendly project consultants Matthew and Martin will be very happy to meet with you to discuss your storage requirements. We make it easy by making a site visit, completing a full analysis of your current and future requirements, and meeting all healthcare standards as well as healthcare storage best practice. Our streamlined process can see increased capacity of up to 150%. Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us today.

Click 'n' Clip label holders and post strips

Available in a range of 13 vibrant colours

For more information contact us

Spacelogic - Matthew Scott

Matthew Scott​


With an attention to detail and an in depth knowledge of best practice, Matthew is a storage industry professional who thrives on complex projects.

Having worked on a wide variety of assignments, Matthew’s design talent and practicality ensures great results every time. Call 1800 633 728.

Spacelogic - Martin Scott

Martin Scott​


Martin has an excellent grasp of storage concepts, enthusiastically providing solutions for industrial and healthcare projects.

Martin’s adaptability sees him involved in the design and installation stage, delivering functional, efficient environments. Call 1800 633 728.


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