STERIRACK™ Accessories

A comprehensive range of accessories - customise your solution and create optimal efficiencies

Customise your STERIRACK™ medical racking system

Configure your STERIRACK™ System using our vast range of accessories in an array of sizes, including normal or fine mesh wire baskets, to get the most out of your storeroom space and consumables management system. Fixed and adjustable shelves, in both flat and step configuration, offer opportunities for efficiencies and increased capacity for sterile pack storage.

Gold standard stock management systems

Bay labels and aisle sign plates, and your choice of 13 vibrant coloured label holders and post strips provide the tools you need to create a gold standard stock management system for superior search and retrieval times. Get back to your patients’ bedside fast. And save on consumables.

Our ongoing commitment to best practice in hospital storage

At Spacelogic® we’re not resting on our laurels as Australia’s leaders in health and hospital storage systems. We’re dedicated to continual improvement – both to our systems and your clinical efficiency.

We’ve developed our state of the art products through comprehensive market research and development, and have a commitment to lead by providing best practice solutions and meeting healthcare standards.

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STERIRACK™ System - the gold standard healthcare storage solution


All medical shelves are not created equal. At Spacelogic® we’ve developed clinical shelving to meet the exacting standards of healthcare professionals who work in a sterile environment who want to maximise space and efficiency. Standard flat shelves are available, however Spacelogic® recommends that our valued clients investigate the advantages of STERIRACK™ Step Shelves which can increase storage capacity by up to 33%.

STERIRACK™ System - the gold standard healthcare storage solution

STERIRACK™ Baskets - looped wire medical baskets

Available in standard and fine mesh, and a vast array of sizes, STERIRACK™ Baskets provide best practice and meet infection control standards. Dust free and so easy to clean, these premium quality looped wire baskets enable clinical staff to find, locate, view, retrieve and organise items quickly and with a minimum of fuss. Designed by Spacelogic with smooth round corners to prevent damage, micro tears, scrapes and scratches.

STERIRACK™ System - the gold standard healthcare storage solution

STERIRACK™ Bay Label Holders & Aisle Sign Plates

Retrieval protocols can now be elevated to the next level using Bay Label Holders and Aisle Sign Plates to direct staff exactly where they need to go to find exactly what they are looking for.
STERIRACK™ System - the gold standard healthcare storage solution

STERIRACK™ Drop-in Bins

When there’s a need to store small items, whether in your STERIRACK™ System installation, or in your STERIRACK™ Trolleys, these drop-in bins are essential. STERIRACK™ Drop-in Bins can be arranged in a variety of configurations to suit your purpose and are made from premium quality materials with smooth edges to maximise infection control and minimise micro tears. Use them anywhere in your STERIRACK™ integrated solution for organisation that is visible, accessible, adjustable and dust free.
STERIRACK™ System - the gold standard healthcare storage solution

STERIRACK™ Basket Dividers

Long and short basket dividers are available to suit a wide range of basket sizes. Get as organised as you need to be with these smooth edged, premium quality dividers that gather no dust. The dividers can be shifted to change compartment sizes, giving you the capacity to modify your basket layout on the run.
STERIRACK™ System - the gold standard healthcare storage solution - medical wire baskets

STERIRACK™ Click 'n' Clip Label Holders

We’re proud to introduce an innovation brought to you by the Spacelogic® design team and inspired by feedback from our healthcare colleagues all over Australia. These innovative Click ‘n’ Clip Label Holders click together both vertically and horizontally, and clip to the front of STERIRACK™ baskets and shelving to facilitate best practice categorisation and retrieval protocols.
STERIRACK™ System - the gold standard healthcare storage solution

STERIRACK™ Colour Coding System

Implement industry best practice using our innovative Label Holders and Post Strips in 13 great colours. Now you can colour-code your Medibin™ solutions and STERIRACK™ Systems and Trolleys to discover efficiencies you never thought possible, or simply to fit in with the decor of your facility. Available in Purple, Turquoise, Green, Grey, Pink, Cream, Blue, Yellow, Red, Orange, Hot Pink, Brown and Light Grey.

VIDEO - Colour coding with coloured label holders

Questions to ask yourself

Does your current system:

  • Meet infection control standards?
  • Meet clinical standards of best practice?
  • Comply with WHS regulations?

Does your storage system:

  • Have no sharp or rough edges?
  • Stay dust free for infection control?
  • Provide adequate ventilation?
  • Allow items to be accessible, locatable and identifiable?

And does it:

  • Promote safe work methods?
  • Increase workplace efficiencies?
  • Maximise the use of available space?
  • Adjust to meet your changing needs?
If you said ‘No’ to any of the questions above, then the Spacelogic® STERIRACK™ System is the perfect solution for you. Our friendly project consultants Matthew and Martin will be very happy to meet with you to discuss your storage requirements. We make it easy by making a site visit, completing a full analysis of your current and future requirements, and meeting all healthcare standards as well as healthcare storage best practice. Our streamlined process can see increased capacity of up to 150%. Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us today.

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