Pro-Lok Shelving

The No.1 polypropylene shelving system for healthcare and hospitality

A forefront shelving system, suited to the hospitality, health and marine industries. Ideal for cool rooms. Constructed from a steel tubular core and a tough polypropylene outer casing making it extremely durable. Drop on vented shelves can be easily removed. Cleanliness is the key.

Rust free - for use in wet, dry and sterile/hygienic areas

The Pro-Lok range incorporates a polypropylene coated steel core. This coating fully encapsulates the steel core which is seamless. As there are no joins or crevices, the Pro-Lok system is rust free. Ideal in environments that are highly corrosive ie. marine.

Suitable in blast freezer conditions, down to minus 40°C and damp and wet environments. A must for areas that are required to operate within an HACCP & IFHS compliant enterprise.

Pro-Lok corner bays
Pro-Lok plastic shelving
Pro-Lok Plastic Shelving 450mmD
Pro-Lok corner bays
Pro-Lok corner bays
Pro-Lok plastic shelving
Pro-Lok Single unit
Pro-Lok plastic shelving
Pro-Lok add-on bay


  • Easily clips together for fast installation
  • Adjustable shelves offer flexibility
  • Impervious to mould, bacteria and rust
  • No welds, nuts or bolts - smooth with a clean finish
  • Bridging and corner units free up open space
  • Withstand temperatures -40° Celsius
  • HACCP and IFHS compliant
  • Can be converted into mobile and overhead rail units


  • Height:1800mm
  • Widths: 910, 1060, 1220, 1370, 1525, 1825mm
  • Depths: 455, 530, 610mm
  • Shelf capacity: 180-365kg
  • Shelf height: 38mm
  • Pitch adjustment: 100mm
  • Standard colours: Speckle Grey
  • Finish: Polypropylene

Pro-Lok benefits

  • Hygienic
  • Good looking and built tough<
  • Compliant with strict Australian food hygiene regulations
  • Easy modular assembly. Simple clip together. No “nuts or bolts”
  • Easy to clean
  • No rust – guaranteed

Developed and constructed from materials to withstand demanding food hygiene and healthcare conditions, the Pro-Lok range is Australia’s No. 1 shelving system both in functionality and good looks. At home in environments that demand hygiene and sterility, the Pro-Lok range is a superior and revolutionary shelving system.

Pro-Lok is constructed from materials that are impervious to mould and bacteria based fungus. The uprights and horizontal rails incorporate a solid steel core for maximum durability and strength, incased in an easy-to-clean tough polypropylene exterior.

Designed as bolt and nut free and completely weld-less, the Pro-Lok range is easy to assemble and install. Fully modular, the Pro-Lok range is configured using only four clip-together parts which come in a variety of sizes for maximum dimensional flexibility. The Pro-Lok units also come complete with adjustable feet to compensate for any irregularities in the floor surface.

The Pro-Lok range is ideal in wet and dry areas and also in healthcare where sterility and compliance is paramount. Seamless and “bug-trap” free, the Pro-Lok range is an ultimate solution to the demands of an HACCP compliant kitchen.

Able to withstand temperatures as low as -40°C the Pro-Lok range is well suited for walk-in type cool-rooms, freezers and blast freezing areas.

Suitable for:


Pro-Lok is constructed from recyclable polypropylene.

Properties are:


Also a barrier to moisture, with a density of 0.90 – 0.92 g/cc.

Easy to clean

At home in sanitary storage areas

The polypropylene skin gives a smooth easy wipe down surface.
Because of the polypropylene encased steel core, the Pro-Lok system is impervious to bacteria. Dirt, liquids and acidic juices cannot get caught in joints and seams.

Each Pro-Lok component is dishwasher safe.

Hygienic storage areas are complemented when incorporating the
‘easy cleaning’ properties that Pro-Lok provides. With Pro-Lok HACCP compliant operations and sterile environments are easier to gain and maintain.

The Pro-Lok shelf inserts are moulded with a material that has an
antimicrobial additive that inhibits the growth of mould and bacteria.
This greatly reduces the risk of product degeneration.

Good looking and built tough

Strong as steel

Pro-Lok upright frames and horizontal rails all incorporate a steel core. This provides maximum strength, rigidity and durability. Tapered post connectors that slide and clip into the vertical posts at the top and bottom give excellent diagonal rigidity.

The posts incorporate heavy duty adjustable feet to provide stability and allow for levelling of units in all applications. The unique upright post design allows for extension bays that simply clip in and add on to initial bays.

Easy modular assembly

No nuts and bolts

The modular design of Pro-Lok provides flexibility in configurations to suit any area. Pro-Lok is available in 2 heights, 4 depths and 6 lengths. This allows for a huge variety of configurations that will suit any situation.

Shelf levels can be adjusted vertically in 100mm increments. This can be done at any time and doesn’t affect any other levels or involve full re-assembly. Pro-Lok units can be configured at 90° to each other, incorporating the unique bridge clips.

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