The menace lurking in healthcare storage rooms everywhere

Healthcare associated infection (HAI) – it’s the topic that raises hairs on the back of your neck. It’s the lurking menace in the dark, dusty corners of your sterile storage rooms. And in the forgotten cracks and crannies of your CSSD workstations and basins.

Spacelogic Sterirack

HAIs are a major safety issue for Australian hospitals. These nasties are causing morbidity and tragic mortality. And excess spending on things that may or may not be helping.

You want to make sure your hospital has an exemplary reputation for staff and patient care. That’s the bottom line.

The question is, what can you as a nurse or hospital manager do? How can you introduce more effective infection prevention and control measures? How can you provide even better quality care for your precious patients? How can you ensure a safer working environment for your invaluable staff?

Make a drastic difference by rejecting traditional workstations made using timber joinery. And by rejecting traditional sinks. Because these are the places that provide a safe harbour for infection.

Install the new superior alternative instead!

New STERIRACK™ CSSD Workstations. The secret to your success is their design.

STERIRACK™ by Spacelogic is designed to exceed all recommendations in the Australian Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Infection in Healthcare.

Think of rows of modern, clean, shiny steel baskets and shelves that slide smoothly in and out. Designed with no sharp edges, eradicating the risk of tears to skin or sterile stock. With mesh baskets and open racking that you only need to glance at to see exactly what you’re looking for.

STERIRACK™ System - the gold standard healthcare storage solution

Imagine smooth-to-the-touch Corian benchtops that are super easy to clean and disinfect. Made of a hard, non-porous material that no moulds can latch onto. Visualise elegant surfaces that incorporate seamless water basins. There’s no place for pathogenic microorganisms to hide.

Tailored to suit you space and application, STERIRACK™ CSSD Workstations are the answer. And they’re made using premium materials. Because when you buy you want to know you’re getting great value for money, and a fabulous return on your investment.

When there’s so much at stake Spacelogic gives you all the right answers.

Call Spacelogic today and talk to one of our friendly healthcare storage consultants. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the planning or design phase of a construction or renovation. Escalate the war on infection in your hospital or healthcare centre today.

Turn non-compliant traditional CSSD workstations into ultra functional sterile spaces with STERIRACK™.

Then sit back, relax, and let your STERIRACK™ CSSD Workstations do their job. You know you’ve made a real difference. Because when you and STERIRACK™ work together the menace has met its match.

Call 1800 633 728 today.

STERIRACK™ System – the gold standard clinical storage solution for healthcare

* STERIRACK™ CSSD Workstations also available with stainless steel benchtops.

Spacelogic Sterirack

For gold standard clinical storage solutions contact Spacelogic® – the experts in tailored space management for Healthcare.

Providing hospital storage solutions, medical basket systems, pharmacy storage solutions, sterile storage solutions (CSSD, Clean Utility etc) to the Healthcare sector across Australia and New Zealand.

All Spacelogic healthcare storage systems fully comply with AS4187 and are perfectly suited to hospitals, medical centres, aged care and veterinary.

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