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Happy New Year to all! This is Lloyd Scott, Managing Director of Spacelogic, and I’ve recently visited one of our latest installations – at Yass Hospital. Click the video below to view my tour of the completed medications storeroom fit out. It’s completely joinery-free and amazingly versatile. This is a perfect example of how Spacelogic is replacing old and outdated joinery in new and existing facilities with the latest gold standard, joinery-free storage options.

Typically this installation would have been a ‘joinery fitout’ in a clean utility medications storeroom, but we have worked from scratch with the architects and the user groups and come up with a fantastic joinery-free clean utility medication storeroom for the busy emergency department here at the Yass Hospital. It incorporates pharmacy shelving, with both flat and sloping shelves, and with ticket stripping for quick access – all important in an emergency department.

Included is a prep area, with Corian benchtop, which has antimicrobial properties – fantastic for a healthcare application. Underneath the benchtop is a spot for a fridge, above are the S8 storage drug safes, and beside it is a range of baskets for consumable stock.

This is fitout is fully colour coded. It acts as the perfect system for infection control, using easy-clean wire baskets where dust can fall right through and never collect.

Imporantly, this room can be re-purposed at a moments notice. With our very modular system this entire fitout could be unassembled and reassembled in another room ready for operation almost immediately. You simply can’t do that with joinery because joinery is fixed – the coving in the floor, the overhead bulkheads – these are all impossible to move and adjust. And all dark and dusty and hard to clean.

Our three pillars are:

  • Control infection
  • Maximise space
  • Increase staff efficiencies

Spacelogic’s joinery-free modular, flexible, world’s best practice storage systems are the ultimate solution for clean utilities. Our gold standard, joinery-free clean utility fitouts are at the forefront for the control of infection as well as maximising space.

And with colour coding you can now maximise staff efficiencies. In an emergency situation, colour coding can save a life. Nurses can now be in and out of storerooms quickly, and devote more time to face-to-face patient care.

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