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    Quality Industrial Steel Cabinets for Your Storage Needs

    When you work in an industrial setting, it’s essential to have robust and sturdy industrial steel storage cabinets for tools or materials that you’re going to need during your workday. Tools and other components stored carelessly result in lost time spent searching for them and makes it easier for them to “walk off” a worksite.

    Industrial steel cabinets need to offer organised storage and be built to last in the busy, often demanding, workshop environment. Ideally, they will provide a central location to store tools used on a regular basis, and yet offer storage space that is flexible enough to be rearranged if needed.

    Space Logic offers industrial storage cabinets that fulfil all these demands. With three decades in the storage business, we can create innovative and industry-leading storage solutions for any retail or industrial setting. Our knowledgeable staff can work with you to help you make the most of your available workspaces while providing secure and safe storage options for your business.

    When you need an industrial steel storage cabinet that’s built to last yet versatile enough to offer flexibility for your storage needs, we can help you find a solution.

    Best industrial steel storage cabinets

    Our industrial steel storage cabinets are constructed from a heavy gauge steel and are built to survive the rugged demands of an industrial workshop setting. We sell a variety of sizes that offer storage for tools, small parts and other essential accessories that you need in a workshop setting.

    They are all built to allow you to store more in less space, while being reliable, dependable, and well-constructed, and help to keep your work areas safe and clean.

    Perhaps most important all our industrial steel storage cabinets are built so that you can easily find the tools that you’re seeking.

    There can be nothing more frustrating than spending valuable minutes searching for a tool or a piece of equipment that you need to finish the job. Having a central location for important equipment allows your workers to increase productivity and be safe at the same time.

    Loose tools are not only hard to find but can be dangerous if left in the wrong place. Using industrial steel cabinets for storage helps promote workplace safety.

    industrial steel storage cabinets

    Storage solutions for any industry or retail setting

    Our many years of experience in working with medical, aged care, retail, veterinary or industrial operations has given us the valuable experience and the in-depth knowledge to create the best storage solutions for any situation.

    We are well equipped to tailor a solution for your workspace, no matter how small or large. When you book a consultation with us, we will work with you on ways to maximise all the spaces you want to use for storage while improving your return on investment at the same time.

    Based in Orange, New South Wales, we’re happy to ship and install our products across Australia. We care passionately about safety and efficiency in helping you achieve stock control that improves your bottom line. When you’re looking for the very best industrial steel storage cabinets for your operation call us today 1800 633 728, follow us on Facebook ,view our cabinets on our website or filll in the form below for a friendly team member to contact you