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    Cool Room Storage Experts

    Space Logic has first hand experience supplying and installing cool room storage nationally for supermarkets, restaurants, hotels and cafes.

    We understand the challenges of the need to be compliant with the strict Australian food and hygiene regulations in the busy hospitality environment.

    We believe, through the maximising the space with a functional design and utilising HACCP compliant products, we bring you peace of mind and the experience your clients can taste.

    Approved Shelving Systems

    The challenges faced in many existing cool rooms are systems condemned by the Australian Standards and poorly designed layouts providing inadequate storage and access. The problem with new storage systems is that steel wire systems whether it be chrome or stainless will eventually go rusty in the cool room environment and when spills occur it is extremely hard to clean. Pro-Lok is compliant with IFHS and HACCP, withstanding temperatures as low as -40°c.

    Condemned Steel Shelving

    Approved Plastic Shelving

    Introducing Pro-Lok Shelving

    Pro-Lok has been developed and constructed from materials to withstand demanding food hygiene conditions of the hospitality environment. Pro-Lok is impervious to rust, mould and bacteria based fungus. The uprights and horizontal rails incorporate a solid steel core for maximum durability and strength, encased in an easy to clean tough poly propylene exterior. Designed as bolt and nut free and completely weld-less, the Pro-Lok range is extremely easy to install. Seamless and bug-trap free the Pro-Lok Shelving is ideal in wet and dry areas where compliance is paramount.

    Shelf  Configurations

    Add-on Units

    90° Corner Units

    U-Shaped Units

    Pro-Lok Installations

    There are many size options to maximise your storage requirements. Shelves can be adjusted in 100mm increments without disassembling the units. Units can be easily connected at right angles to each other using bridging connectors. These also can be used to form U-shaped units as seen above.

    When adding on to a starter unit the rails on the first and second unit share the middle post. As a result only two additional post required instead of four. This simplifies assembly and reduces cost without compromising the strength of the unit.

    A set of bridging connectors are used to form a corner unit or to allow the use of bridge connectors to make up the U-shaped unit. Bridge connectors easily clip into the rails of the first unit. The bridge connectors clip into the dovetail mouldings on the rails of the shelves to be connected.

    Cool Room Installations

    Many installations have taken place nationally including, IGA, KFC, COLES and 7Eleven. Also enjoyed by many other private Restaurants and Cafes.

    Pro-Lok Shelving Video

    Pro-Lok product presentation explaining the benefits of the product, also a time lapse showing how easy the product is to install.


    Easy Installation

    Step 1. Assemble Frames

    Step 2. Insert Beams

    Step 3. Add-on Bay

    Step 4. Place on Shelves

    How To Arrange

    To arrange your next cool room fit-out we have made it really easy for you, you can either do it in one of three ways. Firstly by requesting a design layout (watch the video below) followed by a proposal based on the final design, including installation. Secondly you can request a proposal by going to the online store and selecting your requirements, or thirdly, pick up the phone and call 1800 633 728 and speak with one of the friendly team members. Having large stock holdings we can arrange delivery immediately, speak with you soon…

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    Other Hospitality Products

    Global knowledge, expert advice and innovative products are the reason our customers love the Space Logic brand. Products developed from real time market insights, working on the frontline with our customers.