STERIRACK™ label holders and post strips

STERIRACK™ System - the gold standard healthcare storage solution - hospital storage room label holder
Click 'n' Clip label holder

Vastly improve the efficiency of your ward and implement best practice search and retrieval protocols using Spacelogic coloured label holders with your Medibin™ and Sterirack™ Systems.

Click ‘n’ Clip label holders

  • Now available for your Sterirack™ System and Sterirack™ Trolleys
  • An innovation brought to you by the Spacelogic® design team and inspired by feedback from our healthcare colleagues all over Australia
  • Innovative Click ‘n’ Clip label holders click together both vertically and horizontally, and clip to the front of STERIRACK™ baskets and shelving
  • Use colour psychology to facilitate best practice categorisation and retrieval protocols, or simply colour co-ordinate to your decor
  • Available in 13 great colours

Post strips

Both the STERIRACK™ System and STERIRACK™ Trolleys can be fitted with post strips in a choice of 13 vibrant colours to facilitate efficient search and retrieval protocols within your facility or to suit your decor. Individual STERIRACK™ bays can be colour coded to match their application, making product location a simple process.

Watch the video below to hear Jenny from the new Blacktown Hospital in Sydney NSW talk about how they use STERIRACK™ Label Holders to find stock fast.

Click 'n' Clip label holders and post strips

Click 'n Clip label holders available in a range of 13 vibrant colours

Sterirack post strips
Changing post strips is easy as 1, 2, 3!
STERIRACK™ System - the gold standard healthcare storage solution
Post strips in 13 vibrant colours
STERIRACK™ System - the gold standard healthcare storage solution
Use colour coded labels for categorisation and fast retrieval
STERIRACK™ System - the gold standard healthcare storage solution
Use coloured label holders to suit the decor of your facility

VIDEO - Colour coding at the new Blacktown Hospital

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