The perfect means to transfer product from bulk storage, to decanted stock reserves and then on to the product destination, and one of the most versatile high density storage options for the healthcare setting.

  • Medical supplies can be easily relocated within the hospital, and our interchangeable 600 x 400 medibaskets can be easily removed and relocated in any other Medi-trolley, -rack, -tower or -cabinetry system.
  • Many trolley options are available with different basket configurations and heights, ranging from 840 to 1980 high.
  • 100mm deep baskets (also in fine mesh) and 180mm deep baskets are also available.
  • Dividers can be supplied for the baskets to help keep them more organised.
  • Spacelogic label holders are easy to use and increase efficiency in the ward.
  • Twin castors are non-marking and quiet when in operation, and have locks on the front wheels for stability.
Trolley 1 side 1 bay
Trolley 2 side 1 bay
Trolley 1 side 2 bay
Trolley 2 side 2 bay


  • 100% mobile for transport
  • Range of sizes to suit application
  • Controlled stock rotation and logistics
  • High density storage
  • 100% product accessibility
  • Adequate labelling provision for accurate positioning


  • Basket finish: ABS, Acrylic, Wire
  • Basket dimensions: 400 x 600 x 100/180mmH
  • Standard colours: Glossy Chrome
  • Finish: Chrome

Non-standard finishes available: Stainless steel, powder-coated, zinc plated, chrome with clear lacquer finish.

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