The MEDIPANEL™ System has a high quality chrome finish and wire construction, removing the risk of dust accumulation. Looped wire eliminates sharp edges, giving a smooth feel and finish, eliminating the risk of potential cuts, scratches and product damage. MEDIPANEL™ is available in 4 sizes to enable maximum usage of storage space and is easily mounted to all wall surfaces. Buffers raise the panel off the wall surface for added hygiene protection. Image below shows MEDIBINS™ in a variety of sizes attached to a MEDIPANEL™.

MEDIPANEL™ – cost effective, robust, user friendly, aesthetically appealing and a must have for all consumable medical storage facilities.

Also available in this range: MEDIBIN™ and MEDITROLLEY™


  • Cost effective storage system
  • Hygienic wire construction – no gathering of dust
  • Range of sizes
  • Panels mounted off the wall – added cleanliness


  • Panel sizes
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