See some custom STERIRACK™ Trolleys currently in production

February 12, 2021

Watch while Managing Director Lloyd Scott runs through a range of custom STERIRACK™ Trolleys currently being manufactured and delivered to our Australian clients. STERIRACK™ System is versatile and reconfigurable, giving our clients a myriad of opportunities for customisation.https://youtu.be/7mPOxk6QO6Y

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Royal North Shore gets STERIRACK™ System in under ten days!

February 12, 2021

Recently Royal North Shore presented us with a challenge. We needed to install STERIRACK™ System in just ten days! But given that STERIRACK™ is the modular and versatile solution, this turned out to be a relatively simple challenge to meet.

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Co-branded STERIRACK™ Trolleys with custom dust covers

December 16, 2020

Co-branded trolleys can be used to increase brand recognition and maintain ownership of capital equipment. Have your trolleys branded, and customised in design, to suit your requirements. Include dust covers to keep your stock protected and dust free.https://youtu.be/Og6PVq8sSyMView the video

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Balmain Village Health loves STERIRACK™ Trolleys

December 16, 2020

Save staff time and provide OH&S and infection control compliance by using the STERIRACK™ Trolley, while making your facility more efficient and profitable.Watch the video to see exactly why staff at Balmain Village Health think the STERIRACK™ Trolley is the

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Fairfield Road Veterinary Clinic gets a visit from Spacelogic

October 29, 2020

Recently our Managing Director, Lloyd Scott, visited Fairfield Road Veterinary to oversee the final stages of our STERIRACK™ installation at the practice. Watch the video to hear Ian from Fairfield Road Vets give a testimonial on the installation, followed by

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STERIRACK™ Operating Theatre Set Up Trolleys

October 12, 2020

STERIRACK Operating Theatre Set Up Trolleys are made using the highest quality materials and can be customised to meet your specific needs, or purchased from our standard range.https://youtu.be/a5W1LsZUxKUManufactured in Orange NSW in our brand new, state of the art manufacturing

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New Spacelogic Manufacturing Hub is up and running – supporting Australian manufacturing

August 26, 2020

Spacelogic is a leading supplier of storage solutions for healthcare and has built its reputation on offering fast, nimble solutions. They supply a range of premium quality products that can be purchased in a standard range or tailored to meet

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Healthcare set to benefit from a new and innovative manufacturing ecosystem in Australia

July 29, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has forced Australia into a battle on two fronts, with a deadly virus and a national security issue that can’t be ignored – the issue of manufacturing and our capacity to supply product to our citizens during

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