Healthcare storage solutions from Spacelogic

Welcome to Spacelogic® – the authoritative experts in healthcare storage solutions for the healthcare sector. Over 35 years Spacelogic® has grown from a small family firm into an acknowledged leader in healthcare space management. We supply services to hospitals, medical centres, aged care and veterinarians. Our growth in these sectors have been driven in part by our team’s expertise and talent, and in part by a broader realisation. That space itself is an asset that represents real value when planned and managed effectively.

Working collaboratively with our clients we ensure we add real value to every partnership. Our delivery is truly transformational. We take under-utilised and inefficient spaces, and turn them into safe, efficient assets. Assets that meet global standards for best practice and infection control.

The experts in healthcare​

Spacelogic provides gold standard clinical storage solutions to the healthcare sector.

We have built an enviable reputation by helping our healthcare clients to maximise storage space through effective planning and logistical management.

Spacelogic® operates as three connected divisions. We combine project design, product innovation and specialist installation expertise to tailor a solution that optimises new or existing under-utilised space.

Our experience spans hospitals and healthcare facilities on a national and international level.

Our history 1982-2012

Spacelogic was established in 1982 as Versatile Storage Systems. The company distributed all major storage equipment brands. We became renowned throughout NSW for our quality products and services.

In 2007 Storquip Australia was born. This was a large scale wholesale distribution arm, reselling storage equipment to all storage and industrial suppliers across Australia.

In 2011 a medical division known as Stor-Med was developed. This division serviced the healthcare industry nationally, and grew our depth of knowledge. We could now offer our clients elevated compliance with healthcare standards and meet all staff requirements.

Consolidation 2013

In 2013 these three identities where consolidated into one brand called Spacelogic®.

Armed with 35 years experience and knowledge of the industry, not only locally but on a global scale, Spacelogic® continues to forge the way as

  • Australia’s storage space pioneers, and 
  • the authoritative expert in healthcare storage solutions today.

With third-generation family directors at the helm, and endless amounts of passion, Spacelogic® continues to go from strength to strength.

Click here to go to our YouTube Channel and see the full collection of Space Logic videos and product demos.

Meet the sales team

Spacelogic - Lloyd Scott

Lloyd Scott​


Leveraging his wide ranging industry knowledge, Lloyd skilfully guides the team. As a valuable member of the board with a passion for marketing, his mission is to drive the company’s growth and provide solutions to address the real needs of clients.

Spacelogic - Matthew Scott

Matthew Scott​


With an attention to detail and an in depth knowledge of best practice, Matthew is a storage industry professional who thrives on complex projects. Having worked on a wide variety of assignments, Matthew’s design talent and practicality ensures great results every time.

Spacelogic - Martin Scott

Martin Scott​


Martin has an excellent grasp of storage concepts, enthusiastically providing solutions for industrial and healthcare projects. Martin’s adaptability sees him involved in the design and installation stage, delivering functional and efficient environments for end users.


Adam Piech

Customer Support

Creative and resourceful, Adam has 10 years of hands on industry experience, making him a valuable member to the team. In-depth product knowledge and high level of customer engagement has made Adam very successful in delivering client satisfaction.


Melissa Gillespie


Melissa has 15 years of corporate workplace expertise. An efficient administrator, her role includes estimating and project specifications. Customer-centered in her approach, our clients enjoy interacting with Melissa on a day-to-day basis.


John Kenny

Operations Manager

John has over 15 years experience in the fast-paced warehousing and distribution industry. Action oriented, he guides our teams through the delivery phase with a thorough approach, giving our clients a seamless and satisfying experience.

Click here to go to our YouTube Channel and see the full collection of Spacelogic videos and product demos.