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Empathy + Innovation = outstanding CSSD Storage upgrade

 When you consider the activities of the Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD) from receipting, cleaning, assembly, sterilization, storage and distribution of sterilized materials, along with the controlled conditions, a strategic approach to an outstanding CSSD Storage upgrade is extremely important.

Adequate managerial expertise, technical supervision and qualified contractors are optimal for cost effective and timely results in any CSSD Storage upgrade. The CSSD is essential to any operating hospital, it is the single largest controller of infection rate reduction. With this in mind here are cardinal suggestions for your consideration.

Empathy is required 

  1. Sometimes things are so glaringly obvious that they get easily overlooked. For starters when upgrading a CSSD Storage area a redesign committee needs to be formed. It requires a team effort for any project to run smoothly especially in this environment.
  1. It is critical to engage the clinical staff and keep them informed every step of the way. This alone keeps up the staff enthusiasm throughout the project, which at times can be testing.
  1. Prepare for hiccups, refurbs have unexpected delays with existing infrastructure, it is vital to have a contingency plan, you may need to improvise for a short period. Carrying out the works in a holiday period Easter or Christmas is also a great idea when theatre has a reduced workload.
  1. At all times maintain the standard, all precautions must be taken to continually meet the standard, this being the case, ensure to confide in your OH&S and Infection Control Departments, they may even form part of your committee.

 Innovation becoming the order of the day

 Along with innovation comes change, and with change comes pain, but with no pain there is no gain. Following are some of the great benefits in implementing a fully integrated “global best practice” CSSD Storage area: CSSD Storage

  • Improved the staff work day
  • Enhanced patient outcomes
  • Reduced Manual Handling
  • Improved flow of equipment
  • Demands of increased workload met
  • Ensured compliance to the standard
  • Enhanced lighting, visibility and atmosphere
  • The very best of care delivered to patients
  • Minimal disruption for long term untold gains  

Providing an outstanding CSSD Storage Area

 Whether it be a small facility of 100 beds and one operating theatre or a large facility with 900 beds and 24 theatres, there are core principles Spacelogic will not compromise on in delivering global standards to a CSSD Storage Solution.

First is the integrity of the systems we design and implement and second is the Standards. Australian Standards AS4187 are the guidelines for the prevention and control of infection and also the Clinical Excellence Commission.

We work alongside and with many healthcare committees to design and implement effective storage solutions in new and existing facilities.

Recent projects include the new St George and Lismore Hospitals, upgrades include Toowoomba, Gold Coast and Adelaide Hospitals. More projects can be seen here.

For more information, an onsite consultation or an online presentation please call our friendly team on 1800 633 728 or email info@spacelogic.com.au

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