Add colour to your healthcare storage with colour-coded label holders

M&M’s – everyone has their favourite colour. The power of colour is quite incredible, as well as how our brain interprets colour and associates products or actions to the colour itself. It’s no different when it comes to medical storage.

Vastly improve the efficiency of your ward and implement best practice search and retrieval protocols using Spacelogic coloured label holders with your Medibin and Sterirack Systems.

Available in 13 different colours.

Order your coloured label holders today by sending us an email with your contact details and we will be in touch to finalise your order –

Two types of label holders are available for purchase from Spacelogic:

Standard label holders – Available in 13 colours these label holders can be used with Medibins™ and Sterirack™ mesh baskets.

Click ‘n’ Clip label holders – Brand new Click ‘n’ Clip label holders are now available for Sterirack™ System and Sterirack™ Trolley mesh baskets and are available in 13 colours. Designed and manufactured by Spacelogic and inspired by feedback from our healthcare customers. Order today!

STERIRACK™ System - the gold standard healthcare storage solution

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