Why timber joinery is NOT the right healthcare storage solution for you

TIMBER JOINERY for healthcare is a thing of the past. Replace fixed, closed in, dusty cupboards and shelving with our gold standard clinical storage solution – the innovative STERIRACK™ System. Managing Director Lloyd Scott explains why: Tailored to suit your space, configured to suit your application, and adjustable to suit your everchanging daily needs. We …

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Harmony Day 2019

On March 21st Australia comes together to celebrate Harmony Day, National Close the Gap Day and the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. On this day, Spacelogic would like to restate its commitment to the multicultural values of this nation, which embrace cultural diversity and celebrate cultural difference. https://youtu.be/VKmE6hwhP70 We are committed to …

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Add colour to your healthcare storage with colour-coded label holders

M&M’s – everyone has their favourite colour. The power of colour is quite incredible, as well as how our brain interprets colour and associates products or actions to the colour itself. It’s no different when it comes to medical storage. Vastly improve the efficiency of your ward and implement best practice search and retrieval protocols …

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Aged Care healthcare storage solutions

Age Care facilities are the lifeblood of Australia’s aging population. Spacelogic understands the complex needs of the Aged Care sector, whether it be in low or high care facilities. Intelligently designed storage solutions for medical consumables, medications and hospitality provides efficiencies and organisation so that more time can be devoted to face-to-face patient care. Spacelogic’s …

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Veterinary healthcare storage solutions

Veterinary clinics are ever-evolving facilities. As medicine and technology change rapidly, your storage needs to be adaptable as you grow. Spacelogic understands the complexity of the veterinary clinic. Your specialised field of medicine requires durable and functional storage systems. One that can cope with the 24 hour, 7 days a week demands of your patients …

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