5 aspects of awesome hospital clinical storage design

Storage in Australian hospitals today is becoming a major concern. Space is a rare commodity and with the ever tightening of standards, I’m sure no one would mind some additional tips for success in hospital storage design.

Initially a successful design may not be the most popular or the cheapest option. However successful design encapsulates 3 core elements; quality use of space, standards met and most importantly a positive impact on patient care.

Here are five aspects we believe bring awesome hospital storage design into a field of its own. This is applicable to medication, clinical consumables, sterile stock rooms and CSSD storage.

  1. Attention to detail

Nothing is to go unnoticed, even the smallest detail gets covered. Everything from product lines, quantities, pack sizes, stock turnover and the speed required for accessibility, right down to covering individual user requirements. Not only are these details recognised, they are explored and addressed. No stone is left unturned.

  1. No shortcuts

Shortcuts are dastardly and waste time in the long run. The most successful healthcare storage space designers will never take shortcuts. The key area’s need to be considered for; space usage, regulations/standards and patient care.

  1. Don’t rush it

Steps in the design phase are done deliberately and done for a reason. Never hurry the designing phase of a healthcare storage fit out. In fact, step back from the daily whirlwind and approach the project with clarity of mind and focused enthusiasm. The key to designing is start early, it lays the foundation for the hospital’s long term success.

  1. Never stop learning

Experience comes through being acquainted with the healthcare industry over many years. However always have an open mind to learning. Collaboration, listening and learning are key in hospital storage design. Learning changes behavior and improves results for life long success.

  1. Timely

And lastly timeliness. Timeliness is more than contending with bad traffic and showing up early for an appointment. Timeliness is being in the right place, at the right time, doing the right activity. As mentioned before, awesome hospital storage design starts early, long before a crisis or a serious breach of the standards. Timely action, timely advice, timely implementation – these are all the key to future proofing Australian hospitals for long term sustainability.

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