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    Monthly Archives: August 2018

    Space Logic – Aged Care Storage Concepts

    2018-08-31T05:52:21+00:00 Friday, August 31, 2018|Healthcare, Video|

      Age Care facilities are the lifeblood of Australia’s aging population, at Space Logic, we understand the complexity of the aged care environment whether it be a low or high care facility. Intelligently designed storage solutions for medical consumable, medications and hospitality, provide efficiencies and organization so that more time can be spent with the patient [...]

    Space Logic – Veterinary Storage Solutions

    2018-08-31T05:38:28+00:00 Friday, August 31, 2018|Healthcare, Video|

      Veterinary clinics are ever-evolving facilities. As medicine and technology change rapidly, your storage needs to be adaptable as you grow. Space Logic understands the complexity of the veterinary clinic. Your specialized field of medicine requires durable and functional storage systems. One that can cope with the 24 hours 7 day demands of your patients great [...]

    The Importance of proper CSSD Storage

    2018-08-31T02:36:50+00:00 Friday, August 31, 2018|Healthcare, Video|

      Compliant best practice storage solutions provide healthcare staff with more quality time to spend with patients. Best practice includes the guidelines for Storage and Handling including freestanding racks, sufficient walkways, burr free systems, adjustability for airflow, dust-free and open shelving and baskets.