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    Monthly Archives: April 2018

    Space Logic owning its part in preventing infection.

    2018-04-17T00:26:44+00:00 Monday, April 16, 2018|Healthcare, Video|

      Preventing Infection...At Space Logic we are owning our part in improving infection control in healthcare, by researching and designing best practise storage solutions to support our mission of becoming the most authoritative partner on the globe, preventing infection through effective means of storage.

    What is Healthcare Storage “Best Practice”…?

    2018-04-10T03:45:42+00:00 Tuesday, April 10, 2018|Healthcare, Video|

    Best practice is really a standard of service that is accepted and proven as superior to any alternatives on the market. So how do you determined that? Well it’s determined by the results, it produces results, and returns that are superior to those achieved by alternate means...